Friday, April 24, 2009

Animal Day

The first lab we did was an animal lab. My group was named Superfriends and we did barnyard chase. In my opionion, it was not very successful. Im not sure if it was the way we had it set up or if it was just that the kids would not listen. Not matter how many times we told them exactly what to do, they would not listen and would just do what they wanted. I feel like our first lesson should not have been with the parachute because that really riled the students up. However. when playing different activities, different techniques worked better.

. Describe the effective “teaching strategies” that you observed. What were they and on whom did you use them? How were they used? What was the effect? Were there any strategies that were more effective than others? If so, why?

Some teaching strategies that I observed was intra task variation. When Matt and I had set up the hoops for kids to try to kick a soccer ball into, many wanted to go for the lower points because they knew they could make that shot. However, we then started to challenge the kids by saying “You made that hoop 3 times in a row. Why don’t you try for the next high value hoop?” It worked, and the kids did try the next higher value hoop

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