Friday, April 24, 2009

Food Mania

This week was a bit messed group actually did not get to do our game. We only observed in the gymnasium and then were supposed to do our game downstairs. However, since it was the first nice day (nice enough to go outside) we went outside the the playground. The kids were really excited, and most of them wanted to play kickball, but a few stayed to play on the playground they had there. Inside at first though we looked at throwing and catching.

Reflecting on your experience so far at St Mary’s, what do you think have been some difficulties or challenges you have faced? Consider all areas – environment, children, etc.

Some difficulties for me at St. Mary’s included the space we had to use. For some games there was not enough space and with other games, there was too much space and some of the children did not pay attention to the boundaries. Also, the number to children at each lab varied so sometimes it was so overwhelming because there would be 40 kids when last time we only had about 25. Lastly, being the second lab of the week, at the beginning of the semester when we were doing the same games as the first lab, it was difficult to get the kids excited

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